Inherit the top craft high-end fashion sideThe inheritance of top technology, one end of the high-end fashion

Alexandra home Jiangsu Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, Acting distribution dozens of domestic and international home brands. In 2015, YANNY (Yani) International Design Center was officially established and the "YANNY-G" series of independent high-end customized brands was established.
The company based on the high-end home market, the implementation of: personalized softcover design, the global home brand purchase, the whole house three-dimensional configuration of the one-stop service model, always "innovative design, perfect perfection," as the concept of enterprise development and rooted . After years of hard work, the company for our customers continue dedication of natural, stylish, healthy lifestyle and household products in the market and the industry to establish a good reputation and brand image.
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BrandIntroductionFull category, full range, make the choice more freedom

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ClassicCaseHigh-end soft installed design, global brand buy, custom personalized, global configuration, custom fun, every detail and thought, are full of self-taste and awareness

ALL/ BERNHARDT/ Highland House/ CENTURY/ HANCOCK&MOORE/ HOOKER/ MORGAN HOUSE/ DAYTONA/ YANNY-HOME/ Classical style/ Light style/ Modern style/ Outdoor/
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